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My name is Gerard Maholik. If you found my website, it is more than likely that you are interested in the world of gambling in general, and specifically online casinos. I made a name for myself by playing professional blackjack. To say that I know a thing or two about online casinos is an understatement. I was part of the original group that cracked the bonus scheme in the late 1990s. In a way, it is my fault that you now have to deal with insane wagering requirements. And I’m sorry.

To make it up to everyone, I’m offering this handy guide to the online casino world. I will impart you with a lot of the knowledge I learned the hard way. A lot of it is still relevant today. The most important thing you are likely to learn from me, if you take anything away at all, is contained right here, on the homepage. It is the list of most honest casinos on the internet. You might think the list changes from year to year, but it doesn’t. It stays largely the same because only a good casino can stand the test of time.

Here we go, the best online casinos in the world:

And here they are in a bit more detail:

Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas Caisno

The amazing Royal Vegas is now legendary, and deserves to be inducted into the online casinos hall of fame. Where else would you find the most advanced graphics engine on the market and the most reliable software platform with the most realistic random number generator on earth all in one place? And with a $1,200 bonus to boot? This casino is a no brainer. Back in the days when I used to go around jacking casino bonuses, it was for small sums of $100 or $200 max. $1,200 was unheard of at the time. There is so much you can do with that kind of money, that it requires an entire article just to explain it. What you need to know is that the Royal Vegas is FUN. The look of it all is slick and polished and the games are always top notch. I’m recommending all the casinos on this list. But Royal Vegas has treated me especially well over the years.

Spin Palace

Spin Palace

I have to admit that I have a soft spot for slot machines. I didn’t when I played exclusively in Atlantic City. I saw them as a huge waste of time. Sitting there in front of spinning wheels with nothing to do but pull a lever, hoping to win a few hundred bucks was not my idea of fun. Things have changed since those days. Slot machines have advanced to the point that they are not just fun. They are a LOT of fun. And the jackpots have grown with age as well. Today, you are likely to find million dollar jackpots by default. If you enjoy slot machines, then, where else would you play them but at the premier slot machine casino on earth? That’s Spin Palace in a nutshell. It’s all set up for maximum enjoyment of slots and massive jackpots.

Grand Reef

Grand Reef

Every casino has its shtick. The Grand Reef is no exception. It is set underwater? It sounded ridiculous to me. Ridiculous, that is, until I checked it out thanks to a colleague’s advice. It was supposed to be an Australia only casino. The kind of small operation for a niche market that goes under the radar. That kind of casino always boosted its payout rate to draw in more crowds to make up for the small market it targets. Well, guess what? The Grand Reef casino only markets itself to Australians, but it will not turn away business from you or me or anyone else. This is the kind of opportunity that you need to pounce on. They are a very reliable casino with great terms. The underwater theme is take it or leave it for me, but most people I know who play there absolutely love it. It is certainly different than what you usually see.



Everyone who has been playing online casino since the 90s knows that Europalace is old guard. A lot of people cut their teeth at this casino. It is highly recommended to this day because it has something I like to call the “secret bonus advantage”. This means that they go around telling everyone that their bonus is $200 bucks, in hope of turning away bonus whores. To the real players they turn around and say, “oh, hey, here’s $1,500 free…and you don’t even need to deposit a dime to get it!” You read that correctly. They have one of the last no deposit bonuses on earth. You can play at this casino for basically no risk and if you win anything it is yours to keep. How many online casinos can boast this? Back in the 90s, many of them did. Good thing they are old school and retained their original mission of being the most attractive casino on earth. Attractive, that is, as in irresistible to play all kinds of games, incl. many different roulette versions, at.



You have to realize that this list is not in any sort of order. Because if it were, Jackpot City Casino would be way, way at the top (as would every other casino on this list). I’m crazy for JackpotCity because they have a different mission statement than anyone else. They knew that in a saturated market, with big casinos dominating the roost they needed to have something amazing to offer. They found that thing and kudos to them for having the guts to go ahead with it. Their mission statement is “more jackpots more often” and they absolutely mean it. This casino is designed from the ground up to pay out more money than any other casino on earth. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert in casino games. Everyone likes to win. And winners happen more often at JackpotCity than at any other casino on earth. It is such a smart strategy that JackpotCity is now reaching the top tiers of the casino world and will be around for a very long time.

888 Casino

888 Casino

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past fifteen years you have heard of the legendary 888 Casino. This is pretty much all the endorsement they need because they are the most well known brand in the industry. You don’t get to be a publicly traded company and have thousands of employees worldwide for being a bit operation. If you are looking at a casino’s lasting power, 888 is at the top of the pile. Everything about 888 says quality. From the state of the art in house developed software to the really generous $1,400 bonus. The 888 Casino is always on top of every technology development and are always the first to adopt them. They were the first to bring live casino to the masses and the first to offer full 3D (with glasses) graphics. Their customer service is award winning and the experience as a whole is by far the most high end. It figures, since they are the largest casino on earth, with 25 million players worldwide. That kind of popularity is not achieved overnight. You can play for free in the demo mode at 888 in order to check out your gaming strategy.


Betway Casino

I know for a fact that many of you reading this right now are also sports enthusiasts. Many of you are sitting there, wondering where the best online sports betting is to be found. Maybe there is a casino that offers sports betting in addition to world class casino games? There is, and it’s called Betway. This is a relatively new casino, and it definitely feels like it is in touch with what people want today. Everything is new and shiny and up to date. And they have gambling options to please any type of player. Betway did not come out of a vacuum, though. They were a top sports betting destination before they even became a famous online casino. This is a great place to play no matter what. Betway features very loose games with big payouts you hear about every week. They have lots of games of every kind, including exotic and difficult to find games, such as Asian imports. You will definitely want to read the instructions before trying those out. Betway is the most versatile jack of all trades in the casino world. If you were to only pick one, you would choose Betway just for the variety. You will definitely not get bored.

But…Are they safe?

You have no doubt heard a lot of horror stories about online casinos. I have been through it all. Let me be honest for a moment and tell you that back in the 90s and early 2000s there were some pretty shady operations taking people’s money. It was like taking candy from a baby because these casinos were often in some offshore location with no jurisdiction and completely anonymous.

Things have changed.

Many online casinos, and certainly all the casinos I recommend, seek official state licensing. The most trusted license, obviously comes from the European Union. If you see that a casino is licensed either in Gibraltar or Malta, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. These countries have strict regulations on the industry. They require that any licensed casino has to go through mandatory checks.

The casino has to work with a third party to make sure that the software is honest, that the casino pays on time, that there are no complaints from customers, and a whole laundry list of checkpoints that have to be ticked off. These organizations are either state agencies or independent third party contractors. The biggest ones are TST and eCOGRA. If you see the seal of approval from either of these sites, the casino you’re looking at has gone through rigorous testing to make sure it is on the up and up.

Don’t just go by a seal logo, though. Definitely click the seal to get linked to the testing organization’s website. There, you will find publicly posted results from all their testing. These pages are updated regularly, so you would definitely know if anything had changed.

One of these testing companies, eCOGRA, actually has a very interesting history behind it. The name stands for e-Commerce Online Gambling Regulation. It was the brainchild of two of the biggest industry players in history. The 888 Casino and Microgaming got together in 2002 to discuss the fact that rogue casinos were destroying the industry and the lack of regulation would lead to complete distrust of all casinos. They knew that unless governments somehow were to step in and put order in the chaos their own operations would go down with the sinking ship.

They instituted eCOGRA as a not for profit organization for the specific purpose of making sure a casino is honest. Governments got on board and soon enough the industry instituted regulation for itself. This is a very different story from what you hear all the time, with big corporations lobbying against regulation so that they could run free and do whatever they want. It is a powerful message that resonates not just within the gambling industry, but through the world of business as a whole.

Maybe I should not go so far as to call the online casino industry a beacon of honesty and integrity, but I would not be far off the mark. This is an industry that saw what dishonesty would do, and decided to strike out and make sure they are trusted. So yes, online casinos today are absolutely safe to play at. All the security measures ensure it. Governments stand behind them. The software is beyond reproach. If you play at any of my recommended casinos you can rest assured that they are both “safe and fair,” as eCOGRA likes to say. I guarantee it.